The Manni Sipre Tubes Service Centres offer a wide range of tube machining thanks to the plant technology and related know-how.

The company, in addition to plants for cold cutting and CNC drilling, is equipped with the latest generation laser cutting machines with the possibility of making tubes of over 12 metres long and of great thicknesses.

In addition to cutting single tubes and section bars, Manni Sipre can produce joints and special joints between tubes that help prevent subsequent need for welding, thus allowing substantial savings for customers.

Standard workings on hot- and cold-finished structural tubes for:

  • Laser machining up to large sizes
  • Operational-length cutting
  • Inclined cutting
  • Straight cutting
  • CNC drilling
  • Notching
  • Sandblasting and priming
  • CNC machining
  • Surface protection treatments
  • Tube and section bar calendering
  • Blind bolting systems in reticular beams with tubular rods

For more details, see the specific documents in the Catalogs section.